What's Your

Whether you’re being told it’s ‘all in your head’ as you're paid less, you're spending that smaller pay cheque on pink tax 'luxury' tampons, or you're being mansplained on why the pay gap exists because... vagina, the daily grind can be, well, grinding. celebrates the everyday conversations and relatable stories that tackle this white noise ‘lady business’ head on, one salty truthbomb at a time. The bold, provocative, and at times laugh-until-you-wee-yourself funny conversations, that make the world a nicer place to grow up in. One Tweet, image or conversation can’t change minds and save the world, but a million of 'em can.


Celebrate your identity. We like your differences. We won’t give you approval. We don’t want you to fit in. You know your own worth.


We celebrate the everyday, unfiltered conversations that are revamping what it means to be female, in the boldest, funniest, saltiest way possible.


Everybody has a story to tell that highlights the good stuff. The small acts that don’t seem like much, but restore, one conversation at a time, your faith in humanity.